Evac Beetle

Evac, originally designed as a search-and-rescue drone, found that you can have a more comfortable lifestyle if you become your own boss. Work your own hours, set your own salary, and have the freedom to refuse missions that just don’t seem worth the trouble.

Evac is considered to be the best at what he does, and is often called to be on standby in the event someone’s mission/expedition/heist/assassination/prison break does not go as planned.

Evac is equipped with flexible-yet-resistant armor that can withstand most types of damage (eg. fire, falls, shrapnel, explosions, blasters, bladed weapons, etc) and come equipped with crisp blue exterior lights to illuminate the darkest of spaces. His arm shields act as his primary defense, sometimes offense, tools. The twin thrusters on his back allow him to maneuver in zero-gravity environments, prevent falls, and provides a speed boost in times of need. The elbow blades serve no practical purpose.

Please feel free to comment and/or provide constructive criticism. I look forward to hear what you think of Evac Beetle.

Have a good good day <3


I like the color scheme, the head looks cool (kinda like a crown actually), that chest design is cool, lower arms look nice, good use of unique pieces for armor. All in all: a good moc. Nice!

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Thanks for the nice comment, @TheMightyObsidianDude! I really appreciate it!

It’s got a great start I would say! Maybe a little touch up around the chest and making it a little more proportional. I love the color scheme and the head design though, looks boss

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Thanks @Aquaris! Your comments mean a lot.
Just wanted to get more of your input on what I could touch up on the chest, if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

Very nice. I like the colors and the attention to the beetle motif with his head design.

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Thank you for your comment @Stoax!
I’m glad the beetle motif can be seen in the head design :slight_smile:

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ya sure, I would say the bottom part and hips are too skinny and the textures conflict with each other.

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Thanks @Aquaris, I will keep that in mind whenever I retool him.
Much appreciated!

You can’t tell me this doesn’t take inspiration from the Ben 10 Alien WayBig. Anyone else seeing it in this MOC?

Very nice! The colour-scheme is super solid. The TECHNIC liftarms used on the feet look a little odd to me though. Do they serve any particular purpose?

Also, your pictures seem to be rather small (which makes it hard to appreciate the details in your MOC). If I may ask, what type of camera do you use and what sort of edits do you make to your photos before uploading them?

I had to look Waybig up, and yeah, I can definitely see a resemblance :stuck_out_tongue:
I swear I haven’t seen Waybig before lol

Thanks for the comment!
Yeah, those lift arms are a weak point. Only purpose they serve is to create more balance, and I couldn’t come up with anything better at the time with my parts to fit. Hopefully I can think of something better when I mess around with it next time.
I just use my phone for pics as I lack a better camera. I crop them to remove background distractions, and upload them onto Flickr. I used a smaller size to upload them as I wasn’t sure how the post would look with other sizes. Didn’t want them too big, but seems like I went the other direction :stuck_out_tongue:

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It looks like your photos are approximately 300x300 pixels (which is indeed very small). 1200 pixels (in the largest dimension) is generally the best way to go when saving for the web as it is a good compromise between quality and file-size.

Have you tried adjusting your phone settings in order to get the highest image quality possible? You’d be able to resize, sharpen and crop the image afterwards with whatever editing program you use.

Major thumbs up :thumbsup:. Your pics do indeed look very good and free of distractions (great call going for the blue background with your white MOC).

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I haven’t actually messed around with my phone camera settings, so I will have to play with that.
Good to know that I didn’t need to upload so small, as the regular images are roughly 2300 x something similar (no numbers in front of me right now).
Thanks for the tips, I will definitely use them next time :slight_smile:

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Yeah, you’ll probably want to re-size those a bit. The Boards probably have auto-compression algorithms but you always want to resize pics yourself so that you can get them to display correctly and look good (auto-compression tends to do funky things to images).


Now that you mention it, there is definitely some resemblance there. How the heck did I not spot that? And I call myself a ben 10 fan. :stuck_out_tongue:

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