Evangelion Unit 01 Moc


This is interesting. However, the head is a bit too big for the body, and it's really blocky for an eva. Also the shoulder pylons move weirdly.


I tried to make the head smaller, but it just wouldn´t look right, especially since the mouth had to open.

What a coincidence. I'm listening to the theme right now.

Anyways, looks pretty great!

Fixed up the title- ShinjiGetInTheRobot


This looks great. It has it's flaws but it is amazing.

looking this over, i can see one glaring fault- The legs/

they need to be longer. like, almost double their current length. tha'd help out significantly with the proportions. the thighs are way too small for the upper torso. once the thighs are fixed, make sure to extend the lower legs, so that they're the same size as the thighs.

the shoulder pylon knife is pretty smart but its a bit too blocky for me

It looks amazing, especially with the build being so detailed with System.

its great but if you hade better pictures it would convey it better.