Evangelion Unit-01

The second functional Evangelion, piloted by Shinji Ikari. The Test Type.

From the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. For those familiar with the series, the design of the MOC is based off of its appearance in the TV show, rather than the one in the movies.


With her signature weapon, the Progressive Knife.


More like Progressive Block.

Anyways this looks pretty great


Hey that’s pretty good. I love all the colors and details.

i really like it

Though I’m not familiar with the source material, the build is really neat. The head impresses me as it appears to have a lot of expression.

The shape of the eyes looks a little strange, but this is otherwise very accurate to the source.

Eyes are a bit weird, otherwise it’s pretty great, especially the mouth. I would like to see you try and make the shoulder pylons able to move separately from the arm, so it could move outwards and stuff.