@Eve and Slim Moc

The two are girls




The build is not distinguished enough to be female tbh. :cactus:

Very basic CCBS-

Also did they died at the end?


And for them not being female I don’t have enough part in the future they will look more female.

@LTVmocs …why is that a thing?:-/

Not really anything I can say, they’re just basic CCBS builds.

This annoys me, we’re referring to biomechanical beings here, having no distinctions between female and male bodies shouldn’t be surprising

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Pretty much, just edit your most recent comment to avoid double-post.

@Winterstorm345 I’m trying my best to not be too judgemental on this moc (especially from the amount of negative feedback on other female mocs).
Creating female moc with standard CCBS is a challenge unless you have the proper pieces and/or “experience” to build one.

Looking at them again, I guess the purple one (the user didn’t really list who is who) have abit of a feminine look, but the trans-orange one is not so much-

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It’s the mask

Perhaps not surprising, but just making a masculine moc and going ‘it’s a girl though’ doesn’t cut it for me, the problem is people hear ‘not feminine’ as ‘add nuvaboobs’, aesthetics comes before story in virtually all circumstances.

As for the mocs, they’re Hf 2.0 builds, they look overtly masculine, and I don’t think they even have back armor, I really have nothing to say about them, aside from the colors being fairly consistent.

Ah yes. Biomechanical robots are anatomically correct to the human body.

The builds are simple CCBS builds, but they don’t look bad at all.

I thought about this for about 5 seconds, and came to the conclusion that as biomechanical beings, they would have no sex. Therefore, attaching a sex to them would be entirely for aesthetic, so saying that they wouldn’t be anatomically correct is incorrect.

Just my 2 cents

As for the mocs, yeah, some attempt to make it look a bit more feminine would be nice, they’re really basic HF builds.

Or a frame of mind for the intelligence, (Soul, CPU, Brain, whatever) take Gali, she looked pretty much the same as the other Mata

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Did I really turn this topic into a sex judgement category? my bad…

The only “masculine” parts personally are the chest and the trans-orange one with beast feet. Also if you look closely, they have gearbox for back coverage.

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Well, taking the newer 2015 gali, she looks feminine compared to her teammates. And furthermore you draw a better connection through visuals than the story.

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They’re undead why should they look more female?

That… makes no sense… unless they were brought back to life like frankenstien’s monster, they would still have the same anatomical features. But they are your mocs.