Every LEGO theme ever made reviewed in 15 word or less!

I spent a whole week working on my last video… But I can say I am proud of the result.

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whilst I may check other videos, my concern is for this video

As a fan of animation and such, I can tell from the get-go this is “inspired” by JelloApocalypse’s series “Every X Reviewed in 10 words or less”, yet nowhere in the video or description did I see you thanking or shouting out Jelloapocalypse for creating this format (or popularising it, there might’ve been a video out there before he made them)

and after reading this

I think there should be a link or shout-out to the supposed inspiration of the video.


Thanks, I would leave a link to Jello Apocalypse’s channel, because, it’s true that I used his idea but for LEGO. Also when I said original content, I meant something that you won’t see at other LEGO channels. But thanks for the advice anyway.

tl;dw licenses and duplo stuff is bad. Though the video idea was interesting, though it wasn’t fully original.


Summing up 10 years of Harry potter and just commenting on the Hogwarts Expresses? an accurate tl;dw.

Edit: I could pull more examples, but it’s literally all opinions.

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What does that stand for?

Well, I did pretty much the same for all 10 year themes I reviewed… And keep in mind that it was all 100% subjective.

tl;dw is basically too long/didn’t watch and is used to summarize for anyone who didn’t watch or found it too long.

My point was it’s highly subjective and summing up a lego line commenting on a minor portion misses the point of a summary. Also your information is incorrect in certain cases.

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Well, this was also a parody video… I tried to make it as funny as possible in those 15 words I had…

But none of them were that funny.


Well… That is only the start…

See you can’t call it a parody since it had no exaggeration and wasn’t very comedic, you also can’t call it the start of something funny if it’s 13 minutes long and doesn’t achieve the desired effect.

There’s not much in the video to indicate it’s a parody.


I mean if I keep making videos like this at one point they will become funny.

If it’s not clearly funny, then the continued production of similar content won’t be humorous. If you want to make parody videos, they require exaggeration. Tons of it, and that’s an exaggeration.

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Overall, do you like the video? Do you think it was worth my one week effort I put into it or not?

It’s boring, the scores seem arbitrary, and your points have little research behind the, for example, overwatch has sold roughly 40 million copies, so even if just half is still playing that’s certainly not no one. Another is Minecraft has roughly 100,000,000 players as of last October.


OK, I am not exaggerating at all when I am saying that my eyes slowly closed while watching this video. I tried to watch it, thinking that it will convince me, but no. It didn’t. Not at all.
For first, it is extremely boring. This type of videos really need to seem funny to keep an audience entertained, but your points and… no offence here, your voice, are not helping.
And now to the opinions themselves. No, none of them are overpriced, and no, just because they are licensed it doesn’t mean that you need to give them the lowest score and to make “jokes” on them. Really now you called Minifigures overpriced. Minifigures.
Also, there are so many Duplo-like themes because, just with Bionicle, it took a while for them to actually come with a good name for the theme. Those old Duplo like themes? Yeah, they are Robo-riders and Slizers, but Duplo.
I just… I barely could watch this entirely without either cringeing or falling asleep. The only motivation I had was “Hey, maybe he is not reflecting his extreme opinions in his regular videos too!”. I was wrong.
Also, why Rotten Tomatoes? It is made to rank movies, not Lego themes!

Also edited the title out of obvious reasons (I hope)
~~Vladin, Toa of Fire


Great… It seems like I wasted a week of my life… This should be a lesson to not try to waste time doing something I am not good at. Maybe I should just delete the video…

No. That shouldn’t be your take away.

You can take this criticism constructively when making your next video, improve your process and content. The lesson here is to learn what went wrong and improve so the next video is of better quality.


I swear you skipped out a load of themes

Also not all of those ‘duplos’ are just duplo

No I didn’t. If I really did, please tell me which ones. I double checked before publishing the video to make sure that it 100% includes all themes (at least all that are listed on Brickset)