Every one of my posts is flagged... for no apparent reason!

When I post in a post, it is immediately flagged! Help!


It says you share the same IP address as someone. Tell me, do you have an older sibling that comes on here?

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Uhh.. yes... It might change soon.. I don't know though. It's TFM101

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Oh. Since you have an older sibling who shares the IP address, it mistakes you as a double account.


Oh. Thanks!

I'm not sure how to fix this. I suggest you contact an admin.

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Testing Testing. Do new profiles on Chromebooks count as a different IP address?

I have no idea.

Do you have any other accounts on this website?

But Chronicler, aren't you in the same situation with your brother, @ToaKylerak ?

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Yes. Which is why they fixed it for me. I don't know why it's acting like this.

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I've always wondered what would happen in a situation like that....

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This never happened to me, nor my bro

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Pretty sure the IP is determined via location and which internet service they use. Seeing as both Chromebooks use the same internet service in your house, I guess, it'd probably give them both the same IP.

The auto-flagger from my experience is kind of glitchy, its intended to help out the staff by auto-flagging accounts that have a identical IP to another member, unfortunately it cannot flag the accounts so instead flags the posts when that member makes new posts.

Though normally auto-flagged posts via the system still get regulated by the staff, so they can disagree with the flag which means there shouldn't be any repercussions for the auto-flagger flagging you.

I remember this happened a while back with another member and I'm not sure whether it was sorted via the TTV staff directly or whether the system bot only did the auto-flagging for a short period of time. Either way, I guess you could message one of them about it (I think Kahi was the one who dealt with the website last i checked) or @Chronicler will let them know for you :3