Everything you do, don't watch this video on internet!

Hey there, this is not an joke!
A half of hour ago, I heard a new about the upcoming movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: Death Man Tell No Tales. I was shocked! The hackers have stolen the movie and posted it on internet. Whatever you do, DON’T WATCH THIS MOVIE ON YOUR COMPUTER! THIS MAY INFECT YOUR PC WITH TONS OF VIRUSES!
Wait over the movie will appear on cinemas and if you want to see it on your computer wait more 3 mounts +/- one week and a half.
Hope I helped you.

Why would I watch a pirated (ha ha ha) version of the movie that would infect my computer with a virus? I’m not even going to watch the movie in theatres.


I made this topic to warn you. Maybe someone will want to watch it and, because he will never knew about this thing, his computer will be full of viruses!

Hold on
In addition to virus, does it only give you seven days to live?


What did you spect? You cant trust comments in youtube, the movie is not out yet, that means it cant be pirated yet, they can only pirate it when the DVD/Blueray version comes out

- Someone with experience with pirated movies


@Ninjanicktf: I don’t understand you.
@Star-Lord: No, at the news there said they stolen the movie FROM Disney and put it on internet.

Still, dont trust those things until the movie comes out in dvd blablabla

unless you watch the screener version,
which I dont recommend

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Plot twist: Don’t illegally download movies, you may run into issues. Seems fairly straight forward, we don’t need this topic.