Evie V2

Made a few improvements to my only female moc, primarily to do with proportioning issues (also apparently a lot of people see the dish pieces as eyes, the actual eyes are the green bohrok eyepieces. I personally can’t see the dishes as eyes no matter how hard i try)

Hope you all like it


Very organic looking.

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Are those dishes supposed to be eyes similar to ones on a Chameleon?
If so, they look quite nice

No actually, they’re just there to fill in the gaps on the nuva armour. The eyes are meant to be the green bohrok eyepieces

I really that ponytail thing she has going, its pulled off rather well. The eyes are in a bit a weird position, but it gives the head more character. Nice job overall, quite unique, definitely looks female

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Thanks man! Nice to see i got the look that i wanted

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