Evil/Rogue Toa Mocs

So I just finished making some Mocs of a rogue team of Toa. I wouldn’t say they are completely Makuta, but more or less utilizing some dark powers with their normal Toa powers. No names for them yet though.


That’s seems like a really dark toa team.

Are they by any chance corrupted Toa Hagah?

I like the mask and torso designs, they are custom but feel very Bionicle nonetheless.

The torso designs are custom because there are no Inika chest plates available yet. No Piraka body or 06 lower leg pieces either. I might revamp these guys in the future.

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Definitely an upgrade from your previous redux which was also cool, love all the colour schemes; and the shape of the corroder pieces on the black/ dark red toa, especially love the green shadow toa with all those zamor spheres, a very cool concept for arm armor btw how did you put the zamor spheres into the launcher magazines in studio, did you use accessory pins to place their positions? Also where did you import the custom masks from, I already have a bunch of parts packs from Galva and Khing and manually imported many from thingverse but the bitil mask file was too large to import. looking forward to more from you!

I love these colors, and the lighting on them too! Really ominous and evil. Awesome concept!

Zamor shoulders are a mood.

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The masks I think are a mix from Galva and Khing. The Zamor launchers are ported directly from my Inika redux project. Only because trying to position those zamor spheres was a pain lol. I basically moved them around until they looked decent enough. Also, the zamor shoulders act as extra magazines for that Toa. His weapon is like a rapid fire cross bow.

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What’s the story behind this team?

I just wanted to make a corrupt person rogue team. No real story…yet. But they are defiantly not full on shadow Toa. But I’d say their original powers are energized with shadow.

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