Evo 5.0 (update 7-12-2015)

I changed his weapons a bit gave, him a gun, made the colors a little... somethinger and gave him weapon storage. I also added knee pads and made the back a little bit more interesting.

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I made a evo moc, pretty cool IMO I really wish I had yellow shells in size 5 because his arms would have looked alot better with them. he has a custom torso.


Quad stud shooter shield:

quad stud shooter shield


Very nice! yet I kinda wish he had gunmetal armor on his lower legs, and he needs more bulk through the rest of him. the upper legs are lower arms come to mind.

It looks kinda average, and he probably should have gunmetal on his legs and...

Good job!


the yellow and blue goes nice together, i like

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Wow that quad stud shooter is 3 OP 5 me! Do all 4 shooters fire at the same time? The rest of the Moc is pretty good too.

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Yes they do, all are fired with a gear mechanism.

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As OP and amazing as that is, holy heck would that be a chore to re-load.

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7/10 because you could of done better work with the legs

Like some others said the legs could use some work but I really like the look of that torso.


what exactly is the problem with the legs?

This is pretty cool looking! The shoulders could be less wide, but it is still pretty well done. Good job! :smile:

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I updated this moc a bit