Evo - Special Ops

Got an idea as I was fiddling with some scrapped remains of older MOCs and Evo's helmet got in my hand along with some yellow pieces and thought I give the guy a proper form. So he got boosters on his back and legs for both underwater and air. His lance can either be a remote controlled harpoon or a lightning rod to divert energy.


t's like a Chibi version of @MrBoltTron's self MOC, and I like it.

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I've never seen that sword piece before...

The proportions seem a bit off...lengthen the upper legs and lower arms a bit, or at least cover them up more.

Other then that, quite a nice revamp; captures Evo's original artillery-based specialty

lengthen the limbs and shorten the neck

otherwise nice job

The sword piece is from knights kingdom the green guy. (I've parodied his name too much to remember vthe name.)

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It's Rascus.

Not really big on the proportions, though I like everything else.


Neat. but JMP is right.

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He looks really pudgy.
His shoulders droop downwards and his arms look like they would go past his knees if you straightened them out.

Only half of the fist extends beyond the knee's line

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Legs are bulky
Arms are small and pure yellow
Shoulders are bulky

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Plural's Quick Review:

  • Color Scheme is overall consistent
  • Torso Build is OK
  • Yellow Piece on back is Meh
  • The Yellow Arms are Obnoxious
  • Proportions seem off

I would give this MOC a 6/10.

Needs a Bit of Work wink


I like how you used the slizer/throwbot head on his butt. If only because I have that piece too.

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It's a RoboRider head piece, Slizers had a pop-on mask


I got to admit this is pretty great!
But the boosters don't look like a booster and the arms look weird.

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This looks pretty good, but the proportions look a bit off.

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I like it 6.8/10

Nice work, this is pretty good!