Evo XL Machine revamp

I had a video showing off the gear function, but I can’t figure out how to upload it. I’ll try to figure it out later.
Credit to @LoganMcowen’s leg design, which he posted in the comments and I forgot to credit.


The shaping might be a little weird, especially around the hands.

I love it! I’m not a big fan of the sword, though, because it kind of has a weird mystical vibe to it that works in by Bionicle, but not so much in Hero Factory.

well that’s certainly bulky, I like it

What is the yellow gear on his back for? Is it for moving the machine’s arms or is it for waist articulation

Yes!! I was just thinking the other day “huh, remember invasion from below, that was a fun series” and then this comes along. The build is great and I love the legs and yeah it’s just sweet.

8/10 mate

It is alright… Which is way better then anything from hero factory!!! :grinning:

Overall really groovy man.

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Are the legs based on Logan mcowens digitigrade leg design?

Correct! And they work really nicely here.

Don’t worry, @War_of_the_Worlds credited me when he posted this to FB, so it’s cool :slight_smile:


Sorry I forgot to credit you here, I’ll take care of that.


This is a really nice design! It looks big and complex, like an XL should be. I also really like the uses of newer parts combined with older ones. My favorite part is probably managing to keep the gear function with this big guy, as well as the bulky lower arms and hand design.

's cool fam :sunglasses:

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The bulkyness and flow of this moc are great.

This looks fabulous and Logan’s leg design works brilliantly here