Exact (Psycho Villain)

So this is Exact the most psychotic villain I thought up

with short size but he makes up for that with plans to kill his arch rival the Good guy Hio and use his body for his own gain

here is a picture of both Exact and Hio


Decent, but the. Build is weird and he needs back coverage. Also try getting helmets? Naked heads look weird

Hio in the Hero’s end story was never giving a mask or a helmet due to him being a reject and Exact was designed to be weird and I don’t have the perfect mask for him

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Why the dot, thought

Exaaaactly :wink:

I’m limited on parts all the best parts went on Hio

What even is this?

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I don’t want to sound rude,but honestly this MOC is pretty badish.

The blue arm doesn’t have any hand,the naked head is ugly and the legs look awful.
But i guess the idea of the assymetry is nice.


I intended everything on Exact the blue arm with no hand and the yellow arm shorter then the other with very long fingers since I intended on it’s not being even out and I’m limited on parts I ran out of yellow and blue panels for the legs once I get more parts. And I intended him to be a freak of nature that’s why he’s like that ok.

Story doesn’t make a MOC. I understand that you had a concept in mind, but it wasn’t executed perfectly. It isn’t a terrible MOC, but @Ghosty does have some good points. :wink:


should I just delete this post and break the moc down

No; You just need to keep working on the MOC. One day, and I promise you this, He’ll be stellar. :smile:


yh that will happen after I get to make more custon torso’s since I’m keeping some secrets about him that will come in the future

He actually looks cool. Nice work!

Take this from a depressed guy who’s had that thought before: DON’T. Like @Ghosty said, you will get better. My first MOC was God-awful, and it got better and better. I made a topic about it, and my most recent version at the time got SHREDDED, but using that critique he’s gotten MUCH better.

Most of the time I don’t leave reviews for stuff because it’s been said, but I really got to say that I really don’t like this MOC. It’s too bare for me, especially the body and the legs. And try to get a helmet for the poor guy.

The arms have some good coverage and ideas, but really, the rest of it is rather lackluster.

But like others said, keep improving. Maybe incorporate a few barely-used Lego pieces into your MOCs, like my brother does with his complex MOCs.

I’m looking for the perfect mask and then I colour it 1 side blue and the other side Yellow
and I will revamp so it’s more pleasing soon just need to think how to do it

Wait… You actually built them?! Not how I imagined them while reading, but they look cool! :smiley:

yes I built both Hio and Exact while Hio won’t change I’m in the progress of revamping Exact

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Cool, but why is Hio more menacing than Exact?