Excerpt from one of my latest stories

Hey guys, so this is a portion of a story I made about a year ago, and I just wanted to share this with you guys.

Everyone knows about my character, Yahru. This is a sneak peak of his character in the first story with him.

Yahru fled from Seihu’s home after it was run down by the Bordahk. Yahru took with him a practice sword and small throwing disks for self-defense. He took a chute and hid in the city of Onu-Metru when he heard Turaga Dume made the announcement for all Matoran to enter the Coliseum and into the Matoran Spheres. At the time, the presence of the Rorzakh in the city forced Yahru to run. From there, he went to Le-Metru. Probably not the safest place because of all the chutes and cables, but there was so much traffic that there was a chance that Yahru would blend in. While he was leaping from building to building, Yahru was discovered by a group of Vorzakh that was hiding behind some chutes.

“Seihu said to avoid Vahki and stay away from trouble.”

That was before he spotted the Vorzakh and thought “But it seems that trouble is coming for me”

The Vahki were on Yahru’s tail, and some fired their disks at Yahru. However, Yahru deflected the disks with his sword.

The Vorzakh relentlessly chased Yahru, they pillaged through every chute, building, and airship to try and stop Yahru.

Yahru was looking back as he was running, with anger and annoyance.

But as Yahru landed on one of the buildings, he was shocked to see a small group of Vorzakh that sprung up and landed in front of him.

The Vorzakh shot from their staffs, but Yahru dodged and flipped away. The Vorzakh then resorted to physical force to stop Yahru and bring him in.

It was either surrender or run, but Yahru made a third option.

As ill-advised as it was for a Matoran to fight against Vorzakh, Yahru knew enough to know where they stood and therefore made a stand himself. As the Vorzakh and Yahru leaped to action,

Weapons were clashing, sounds of disks and lasers flying were piercing the air, and fists and kicks were smacking against metal as Yahru was fighting his way through all of the Vorzakh and defeated them.

Yahru tried to gather all of his energy as he ran from the Vorzakh.

But little did he know was that when he was running from the Vahki, he was tagged by a Rorzakh, a Vahki from Onu-Metru, so the Vahki would know where he was.

There you go :smile:

Edit (11/03/2018): It’s going to be featured in Chapter 19 of Hidden Light II