Exo-Force and Ninjago: How to Introduce Anime to Lego Fans

I would just like to open this topic for discussion.
-How does everyone feel about integrating anime into Lego?
-Who did it better: Exo-Force or Ninjago’s flashback monologues?
-Would you support paying higher prices to obtain Lego of licensed animation scenes and figures? If so, what would you like to see in Lego?
These are just a few topics I would like to gather census about. Feel free to chime in with your own ideas of Lego’s relationship with animation.


Is ninjago an anime?
Exo force definitely is, but Ninjago isn’t really.


The new flashbacks they have introduced in more recent seasons is what I’m talking about. Of course it is still styled in a Lego universe. That is a point of conversation. Do you believe Lego should continue with this style in Ninjago for future stories, or is there maybe another better way to incorporate the anime style into the shows?

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No, Ninjago works as it is. I don’t want more Anime stuff into it.

If you want to integrate Anime into your LEGO theme, do it like the new Monkie Kid does it, by making the whole TV seires be 2D animated with an Anime style to it.


Exo-force felt definitely felt better as it had an anime style since the beginning. I really enjoyed the theme even if I don’t like anime in general


So it would seem it’s all or nothing, alright. Then with this in mind, would you like to see more anime based content with Lego or possibly other cartoon styles, or should Lego stick with its own universe style?

Anime is very poor at storytelling, so yeah anime and LEGO would go hand in hand


An anime version of Ninjago would be cool, but Ninjago as it is, is also pretty good.


You don’t even like ninjago

Who knows? Perhaps one day when the toy line series is over we may get a continuation of their futures in this style. It would certainly fit into how they are already using it as flashback media.

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Imagine bringing back themes for anime? Jack Stone, Rock Raiders, Galidor. Time Cruisers could basically be Rick and Morty.

I’d prefer it as it is with Monkie Kid. Only sticking with one theme instead of 2-3 just to keep the quality up/budget low.


So you would like to have these themes reanimated. Sorry, had to make that joke.

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I actually do like Ninjago, but I do have some problems with it. It’s still a good LEGO theme, just not one of my personal favorites.

Could have fooled me

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Please don’t judge each other here. This thread is supposed to support opinions from anyone who wishes, not even limited to Lego fans, as animation is more broad than that. Weather you like Ninjago or not is not a priority matter. I would especially like to hear from those who don’t like themes such as Ninjago story-wise as they can provide a more unbiased supply of comments towards the actual animation styling of media.
Plus, I also opened this up for discussion about already existing properties, such as how Lego has had a hand with Avatar: the Last Airbender, or future licensed themes if these would be appropriate and to what degree the Lego community would accept it.

  1. As an anime fan I may be biased but I feel great about it. Anime is a very broad spectrum though, and I find many of its stories are very character based. Different feel from a lego theme but it would work well if done right, I think. Imagine a world like FMA or Attack on Titan or Gundam, one of many locations, characters, and vehicles. A perfect Lego line. In they ever wanna do constraction again, a more intimate fare, say a Shonen series, which focuses on characters more, would be cool. However, I’m seeing a move towards school life and slice of life anime recently, and while I LOVE moe, I don’t know how this intrinsic part of what Anime has become would slot into a Lego theme, especially because cute girls and fanservice seem to be kind of core to what anime is nowadays… is what I would say if not for the fact that Lego can just make a kid’s anime like the hugely popular Yokai Watch or Pokemon or whatever, think a Ninjago type show. (Wow that was very long.) Anyway, eastern storytelling tropes are pretty original and could breath lots of new life into up and coming Lego IPs.
  2. Exo Force didn’t really have a series, it had comics and Ninjago had animation, which are not comparable. If you want to say, “which one is more anime?” Then I’d say The Absolute Worst imitates anime very well but is more of a parody of it, whearas while Exo Force is very much “what a westerner THINKS anime is”, it feels more sincere throughout.
  3. Yes. I would. As for what, I don’t know. Anything really.
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