Exo Force Mobile Devastor.

After maybe a month I finally finished my mobile devastor revamp

I added a control pod for the Zamor sphere turrets in the back of the tower.

For deployment I added weapon racks and arms inside the vehicle holding 4 more drones

Also added a interior to the vehicle and a bit of an upper deck.

The drones can still be launched from the tower.

The tower head can be detached as the Mecha ones personal transforming battle machine.

The main cockpit can become its own pod.

The mecha one turret can become a smaller suit.


Oh boy. This thing is an absolute beast. Amazing work here. Very impressive.

Very interesting that we’ve been working on exo-force revamps at the same time, although I have yet to post mine.

It’s pretty messy, but so’s the original I guess, I’d still try to clean some of the colors and shapes to smooth things out.
You’ve got some nice details here, Mecha One’s turret turning into a small mech is a neat idea, but I’d say to clean it up a bit like I did to the rest of the thing, and the little hands on it look a little… silly, I’d just keep turret arms TBH.

Anyways, cool revamp, nice to see some love for exo-force.

Yeah; it’s messier then I would gave liked but I was both running out of parts and just wanted it to be completed. I’d like to swap out the grey and there are a few areas I kinda rushed but I don’t have the patience or money for brickink right now.

The one non-bionicle set that I still want to this day.

This revamp is automatically great.

Wow, this is amazing, I miss Exo-Force.

I can’t believe this is not an acctual exo force set. AMAZING!

Awesome man!
Really great job!:wink:

This is pretty great, my only gripe it that the colors are a bit all over the place.

Nice :smiley:

I especially love the little battle suit, transforming turret, and the lower deck inclusions XD

cries in psychotic robot