Anyone remember a little line-up that ran for just 3 years? I still remember which ones I have (Though memory is not the best when it comes to it.) Anyone have/had any Exo-Force? How did you feel about the line up?

Honestly, Lego had something very cool here. I’m not too into Gundam, but this was probably as close as I got for the sets.

This was the set that I wanted for a long time.


Exo-Force… At one point in time, I focused on buying these more than Bonikles, cause gosh dang this line was so awesome. Safe to say guys like robots and mechs.


I remember them. They were my second most favorite LEGO theme besides BIONICLE during its run. I would love to see it get a reboot, but as long as it has LEGO System elements in the sets. Extensive use of HF’s building system is one of the factors that made Invasion from Below’s sets ugly.


I cannot even

literally the best thing since Bionicle

like I had (almost) all of the sets, including the big ones.


Exactly! These things LOOKED like Robot mechs*. Not to mention everything else about it was great.
From prices, characters to story.

Never got the sets because I disliked the line at the time because I didn’t like System.

I now have a few parts from the line in the form of a bronze drone and a silver drone without arms.

I really liked Exo-Force. It was the first Lego line I enjoyed outside of Bionicle.


A really awesome theme in my opinion. It’s one of the few lines that I still have sets intact. I would’ve liked to learn more about the lore and mystery of the theme, but it’s abrupt end left a pretty big hole.


I’m sorry, but I just can not get over how terrible this year’s HF sets were compared to Exo-Force’s three year run. With Exo-Force you could get a pretty cool and well designed mech for just $9, whereas Hero Factory you can get a cheap looking tripod that can’t stand very well for the same price.


I had two small sets, looking back I wish I got more, but that’d mean no complete Mahri collection. Maybe I’ll go and try to find some off EBay…

Exo-force was awesome! At one point I liked it more than bionicle.

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Awww man, even more childhood. Hikaru and Takashi… Those guys…

This was the second LEGO story I became invested in after Knights Kingdom, so I have very fond memories of it. I also had a LOT of sets. =)


I need to remake my sole set from this line. It was the yellow one with Red spots driven by the green haired guy.

@Matoro Is this it? Lego Exo-Force #7712 Supernova.


Nah. It’s similar, and it’s the right guy. It MAY have had a buzz saw.

Assault Tiger, Takeshi’s jungle mech from 2008. I only remember that because I have it still unopened in my closet. XP


That’s it!

Now I can find the instructions online.

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I loved those red aero slicers

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I got a little orange mech, named Uplink or something. I liked how they were going for an anime style. I would love to see it, or the concept, revived in the future.


I freaking love this line. It was just amazing… Oh my god I had so much of them. ^^