Exo-Toa 2.0

I decided to make a detailed Exo-Toa that features full articulation and a cannon arm. Unfortunately it sacrifices detail for function, as the solid nature of the build prevents a Toa from wearing it. Still a worthy moc though. smile


Badass as always, Logan. smile


I like this

it looks nice

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Yo Mr. Chro, you entering the contest too?

That...holy crap that's awesome!
I only wish it could fit a toa, but whatever.

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Awesome. Just a little disappointing it doesn't fit a driver...

This is awesome! At some point in the future, you should revamp this revamp so that it can fit a Toa. Really cool as it is, though. And in most of the Bionicle stories, the Exo-Toa were autonomous, so they didn't need to have a driver.

Keep up the great work!



I love it!
It looks great!
You really captured the look of the Exo-Toa but just with a more modern flare to it!

I'd like to! Having difficulty coming up with a good concept, though. Don't want to just build a normal Toa or something generic like that, but school is draining my creativity. Hopefully I'll be able to grind something out on the weekend.

Shh, shh shh,
We can pretend. No one has to know.

Great use of old dark grey!

This is awesome!

That's awesome.

Can it a Toa sit in it?

Is there any way you can fit a Toa into it? I want to see a Toa inside of it.

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No, there isn't unfortunately.

Maybe just pop a head on there perhaps?
Not that it's too important anyways, MoC looks pretty swell.




Ah, that could be done I 'spose.


^ this

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