Experiences with the new sets

well than I’m really starting to doubt Lego’s standards… once again…


You could do the same thing Gali did and stick another set of small gears behind the chest plate, for extra friction. I think you could actually fit three more gears on blue pegs in there, in a T-arrangement.

I ordered new sets of gears for all 3 figures. I was hoping it would work since they all were ordered from Walmart when they became available early, around mid-December. Maybe the batch just had the problem.

Well their is your problem. Several of the early sets suffer from what is believed to be ‘early set syndrome’. These sets tend to have varying faults ranging from loose gears and pins, to slightly looser masks, to Tahu and Kopaka’s boards not clicking together.

You may have to replace the pin as well as the gears as the problem could be in either.

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Wait… WHAT!? LEGO has the same gears and axles in production year-round to be produced for dozens of different seta. I don’t see how that could be related to Gen 2.

The large board/shield pieces have a tendency to warp inside those flimsy, non-insulated cardboard boxes.

As for the loose masks… you’ve got a fair point. Care to elaborate?

Some of the sets were made before Comic Con and they only fixed the issues in newer sets made after Comic Con.


So you’re saying they made 14 total moulds for all the new masks!? (7 original moulds, and 7 “revised” moulds)

Mos likely they just modyfied moulds

Well, they go through many different phases and probably printed the mask many different times in order to refine it. Each batch of parts may have been a different level of quality, and it seems some ‘looser’ masks that were made before were already made into sets and probably dispatched to varying locations.

For example, they discovered the issue around Comic Con in October yet sets were appearing as early as late November

LEGO designs their parts in CAD programs with 10th-of-a-millimetre precision. I don’t think they really need to make test moulds.

True, though they still do occasionally

‘Creating, optimising and delivering moulds for testing and production’

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I have the exact same problem, but I got my tahu around march so I don’t think it is a early set problem :confused: