Experiences with the new sets

I own 5 of the 6 Toa and I personally like them overall but my one gripe is that my Tahu only came with one half of his lava board

Really? That sucks.

You know, you can always call Lego on that, and tell them your set only came with one of the blades instead of two.

At least, I think you can do that.


Everytime when I open LEGO box, I hope that there will be no piece missing…

Yea I thought about that but really its not a problem considering I dont display him with it… its just a little dissapointing

@Nopasino heh… funny its honestly the first time it happened to me

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you can use this link. It’s been very helpful to me



I didn’t think it was possible for a Lego set to be missing pieces. My life is a lie!

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Very useful if I so happen to be missing any pieces with my future purchases. Thank you.

I remember i bought splitter beast, and it lacked in red 2 modules axle xP


I have been personally very happy with Onua, and both Protectors of Water and Earth. Water has a unique ocean look when held up into the light due to her armoring, Protector of Earth has a very nice overall look, and the chest cannon is a nice touch, and Onua is just plain great.

Of my note, the Onua and Protector of Earth combo looks especially nice, and is easy to switch back to and from normal mode.

PoE has been awesome to play with, same with PoJ
PoJ went from my least fav protector to my fav, its awesome

as for the toa, my least fav is probably…none of them
I like most of them.

I like Onua most.
It’s almost like me in Bionicle, no self MOCs needed :slight_smile:
I’m just not that bulky and don’t have such wide shouders.
Nobody have them propably.
c’mon guys, I know you have to spam the pics of wide-shouldered culturists now

Personally, I was rather disappointed with Onua. I knew the color scheme was going to be a mixed bag beforehand, but what surprised me was how short he is! In the box art and pictures, he always looks like this big, burly character, but they’ve achieved this look by making his mask just a little smaller than that of the other Toa. He looks ok on his own, but next to the others, he just looks out of scale. Also. the fact that his shoulder ball joints are offset from the axle they rotate with bugs me…

On none of my figures the gear functions work. The arms don’t stay up but fall back down when I try to use it. Am I doing something wrong?

Even Onua?

Haven’t gotten him yet. But Tahu, Kopaka, and Pohatu have this issue.

I have those three and the function works fine. Did you properly attach the mini gears?

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You tell me:

It’s built right as far as I can see; the problem must be with the short blue pegs, or the holes that they are inserted into. They are not achieving the proper amount of friction. This problem can be fixed by adding something to improve the friction between the hole and the peg (I heard that someone used Pledge Floor Care on some ball joints to increase their friction in sockets). You could also try ordering new parts for the short blue peg or the gearbox, although those parts might have that flaw too. My last possible solution would be to compress all the parts together on the dark tan peg as tightly as possible, in order to get a little more friction.

Sorry I can’t help more. Good luck!

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So if you hold it upside-down the arms just flop?

Yes, that’s right.