Experiment 058

Approx. 60% of the subject’s body was replaced. The new fuel cells are able to power the unit successfully. The Human Augmentation Initiative is proceeding as planned.


How could you do this?

How could you blend Galidor and BIONICLE and technic pieces?

Because it looks really good! The texturing is well done, piece choice is unique and gives it a special flavor. I like the choices of colors too, it’s aesthetically pleasing.


That is fantastic.
You gone where no moccer has gone before.


Interesting use of the dinosaur head! Very good parts usage overall!

Wait. Dinosaur head? Where?

Anyway, this looks great. A fantastic blending of that thing we don’t ever talk about and Bionicle/technic pieces. I especially like the slizer head feet.

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Left forearm

Oh wow! That is impressive.

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…I thought that was a Galidor piece.

This thing kinda weirds me out, and I think that’s a good thing? This is, just… it’s an unholy abomination in the best way possible.


At last, Galidor’s existence is justified beyond memes.


Amazing Mix of Bionicle and Galidor!

Poor boy was mutated into a bio mechanical being!

There is a dinosaur head as an arm piece…

The award for most creative use of rarely used parts goes to you. :cookie:

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This is great! I’m not really sure how you combined Galidor and Bionicle together like that.


Great use of galidor parts

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Oooh clever

The amount of Sand Blue pieces in this moc make me wish it and the metallic colors would return. Of course rising oil costs prevent that from happening but one can dream can they?

Thanks for the nostalgia trip with the color scheme. Love the Galidor/Bionicle/Slizer/CCBS blend a lot especially since it somehow looks cohesive despite how vastly different these building systems are.

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Welcome, brother. Enter the club of CCBS/Galidor Hybrid…

jokes aside I really love this moc :ok_hand: The emptiness behind the shins bothers me a bit but the rest of the moc is just wonderful

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Surely some heresy was committed to bring this into being.


…I’ll get the Exterminatus.

But first, I’ll congratulate you on a surprisingly solid build :stuck_out_tongue:


Baha this made me laugh a lot but I like it. Nice job.