Experimenting with the MNOG style

I have recently began studying Templar studios style they used for the MNOG (II) and the bohrok animaionts. its fast, pretty, and nostalgic.So i thought id share two of the experiments i did. One is Tesara:

And the other one is a relatively flat grassy region fading into rocky plains, with pieces of the GSR in the far background:

Its really fun using thist style, its very Bionicle-y if you know what i mean. Really gets you in the mood for bajincle. I might use this in future projects :wink:


Dude I love bajincle.

But yeah, this is actually really super cool. I especially love the rocks in the second one. They get the look across super well…

Kinda makes me want a Bara Magna Online Game, lol.

Seeing the Bionicle Parts in the background so blatantly is amusing as well.

But yeah, really nice job.


What’s that?

These are awesome! I bet that takes up a lot of time! Keep up the good work!

Just looking at that second photo made the MNOG 2 Fusa Path music play in my head.

Sent nostalgic chills down my spine

These are awesome! They look like they belong in the game.

oh man
These are real nice

I love the mnog style
probably nostalgia speaking, but its pretty nice

Woah. Many much MNOG

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Cool (wow, nostalgia.)

(I am speachless, I have such nostalgia right now.)