Exploration of Jaki-Nui (sign ups)

-No killing or maiming other characters without permission of others
-No Metagaming
-No autohitting
-No OP characters
-No bringing a character in without the GM’s permission

In the time before time, we lived under the watchful eye of the great spirit, Mata Nui, but his brother Makuta was jealous and he cast a spell under Mata-Nui making him fall into a deep sleep, we left and named our new name in Mata Nui’s honor but even there, The Makuta tormented us, we rejoiced at the arrival of seven heroes, who stood up to the makuta and killed him, finally seeing the end of his rein we were free to return to our old island home, but The Makuta came back, 6 new heroes fought him but he took over our island, luckily the 13 heroes resurected Mata Nui, he found us some new friends, we stood up to the Makuta and killed him, Mata Nui died but the Makuta never truly left us…

Basic Plot Outline:
You are one of the (either matoran, agori, protect, rahi type or even bohrok) sent under Poco’s matoran exploration group to discover Jaki-Nui



Possible Matoran Elements
1: Bo-matorans (Plantlife)
2: Le-matorans (Air)
3: Ta-matorans (Fire)
4: Ga-matorans (Water)
5: Onu-matorans (Earth)
6: Po-matorans (Stone)
7: Fa-matorans (Magnetism)
8: De-matorans (Sonics/Sound)
9: Vo-matorans (Lightning)
10: Ko-matorans (Ice)
11: Fe-matorans (Iron)
12: Su-matorans (Plasma)
13: Av-matorans (Light)
14: Kra-matorans (Shadow)

NOTE: Just because your matoran has the element of shadow that doesn’t mean they are an antagonist, none of the characters are antagonists yet…

Wait, so is the basic premises that a bunch of matron migrated to a new island, and are exploring it?

Yeah, basically

Okay, so would this island be totally foreign to an adventurers exploring it?

Yes it is

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Is it okay if I include some other bits of information in my sign up, like a bio, appearance, etc?

I might end up joining this, not sure yet.

No need, I added them anyway

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Sorry, I don’t think I’ll be joining this one.

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Don’t worry, I’ll join

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Screw dat, no one’s ever going to join

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