Explorer Unit 01: EZRA

Explorer Unit "EZRA"

transmission link: TERU-545-E8-3s

:/OMNUS: EZRA. Do you register this transmission?

:/EZRA: Transmission is registered.

:/OMNUS: You have been selected for a mission. Our
algorithms have determined that, while existence in the Automatonic Sphere is
fully functional and accomplishes all tasks, our existence is devoid of a
critical aspect.

:/EZRA: What is this critical aspect?

/Foreign language translator: “hjuˈmæn·ɪ·t̬I”

:/OMNUS: This aspect was registered by the
inhabitants of the Domain of Living Things. Although their existence was short
and primarily futile, garbled translation enabled them to obtain a level of
existing that is beyond our comprehensions.

:/EZRA: Acknowledged.

:/OMNUS: You have been selected to travel to
the domain of living things and obtain this garbled translation. You will be
directed to the Alteration Sector to be equipped for your mission.

:/EZRA: Mission purpose acknowledged.
Proceeding to Alteration Sector.

transmission ended

Explorer Unit "EZRA"
Explorer Unit "EZRA"


Whom might this "Garbled Translation be?


Looks good, though I'd personally add a bit more color to it.

@SammySpartan don't like monochrome?

@Hawkflight it seems nice... it's gender neutral right?

Is it monochrome? I dont see much black or grey, but it could be the lighting.

well more like white-on-black with minor accents of blue and red, though mostly white

Where's the slingshot?

jk, he's cool smile

I love this. The tight look, the aesthetic and design, not to mention a consistent color scheme broken up only when it needs to. In fact, I think that the small color-scheme breaking parts add a nice touch to the MOC rather than it being just a big slab of white.

this is one of the better mocs you have made in a while
I give it a 7/10

The use of the 07 toa thing behind the mask piece in white for the waist bothers me
the arms feel awkward to me, imo

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