Extra Free Polybag with order?


So, I’ve just recieved an order for about 6 sets, in order to qualify for the $200 free shipping limit, and something odd has happened - In addition to receiving the Kai’s Dragon Polybag, also included was the ‘Spider-Man Super Jumper’ polybag, which if I remember correctly was a 2015 thing.
I also received a cardboard LEGO Shop at Home minifig printout with the words “Thank You - Please find a little extra LEGO treat included with your order, to say thank you for shopping with us.” (It is dated as 2015).

Is this a normal thing, or are they perhaps trying to get rid of some old stock?
Any ideas? and any stories of your own?


Yeah, it’s probably them trying to get rid of old stock, like how they still had Revan polybags to give away for Force Friday even though that was initially a 2014 promo item.


The same thing happened to me.

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I think they’re trying to get rid of them.