Eyxe MOC

Eyxe a toa of fire:

Eyxe has has 2 axes and a dubble fire sword. he can combine his axes into one bigger axe.all of his weapons can be stored on his back.

my first bionicle moc since 2010 that uses the bionicle (inika) building system. and I really enjoyed it, so I’m gonna make more of them. I’m not going to mix the bionicle system with ccbs though. Eyxe has uses the inika build and has a “custom” head.


Isn’t that just Axonn’s axe?

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So? It’s a pretty cool MoC.

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It’s alright. Its a little awkwardly proportioned, and the color scheme is a bit wonky. I don’t like the head, and the chest seems a bit messy. But other than that it’s ok.

sorry man. It’s alright and decent, but I cringed when I first saw it… still alright

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I really like the original build. I don’t care what those other guys say, the use of Vakama masks for shoulders and other unique uses in the torso make me enjoy looking at the MOC.


Shh, It’s a secret.


Isn’t his name just eye + axe?

It really is, those silver Hydraxon/LewaJetpack pieces are really clever…

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yyyyyyyyep but it’s our little secret :wink:

This photo quality is literally amazing


Must I release he who should never see the light of day?

I must.

Launch the critique cannon.


The arms seem a bit awkward, especially the shoulders.

Is it weird that I read that in Makuta’s voice?