F9: The Fast Saga

So the ninth installment in the seemingly never-ending Fast And Furious series is upon us.


I haven’t seen any of the films. Are any worth the watch?

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haven’t seen any films and I don’t plan to

if there’s more that 3 in a continuity then you know they aren’t worth the watch.

What about Star Wars?

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those are different stories in the same world. By “continuity” I mean about the exact same characters.

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I’m afraid they are running out of ideas. I think the next movie should be more down to earth (pun intended) and then they can come up with something big for the last one.

Vin diesel is fat and curious.

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Well, then what about Harry Potter? Or the MCU?

All the MCU movies are different characters.

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Let’s take a count, shall we?

Iron Man-main character in Iron Man 1, 2, and 3, and in all four Avengers movies, making a total of seven. And he also appears in CA: CW and in SM: H.
Captain America-also main character in three solo movies, and in all four Avengers movies, making a total of seven once again.
Thor-same exact deal
Black Widow-appeared in Iron Man 2, Civil War, and in all four Avengers movies. And she’s getting her own movie (finally!)
Nick Fury-appeared in Iron Man, Captain Marvel, SM: FFH, and (again) in all four Avengers movies.
Hawkeye-cameo appearance in Thor, then showed up in Civil War, Avengers 1, 2, and 4, and in his own upcoming Disney+ series.

I’d definitely say the MCU qualifies as a series where we’re following the same set of characters for more than 3 movies.

No they don’t.

For example: iron man in SM:H doesn’t count any more than Han and Leia Solo in TFA. Because SMH is about Spiderman, not Iron Ma’am, just as TFA is about Rey and Finn, not luke, Han, and Leia.

Aside from the avengers, who got four movies, every character/group in the MCU has gotten at most 3 movies.


OK, fine, good point.

The F&F movies are still garbage, by all accounts.

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Haven’t you heard that they’re making another Thor?

Why did they decide to make the main villain of this movie invisible?