Fabio's moc topic

Since I have some WIP mocs laying around I decided to create this topic to ask for advised and to post unfinished mocs

Some of you might remember this guy, I have been working on him since I did the post, and I have a little problem with the lower legs since I want to make them to be big and chunky, but I am out of creativity so help is greatly appreciated



that WIP is detailed and nice! Reminds me of transformers btw. Also I'm sure other people may point out mistakes, but I think he looks nice n all. perfect


Very nice, looking forward to seeing the complete version! smile The only thing I would say is that the silver armour on his upper legs sticks out a little from the rest of the moc. I think if you added some red it would merge with the rest of the figure brilliantly but hey, that's the beauty of something which is a work in progress. Overall though it looks very cool

And I'll mess around with some pieces to help you out with the lower legs if you want??

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I really like, it but those green lamps thing what are they?

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Those are supposed to be grenades, like the ones that were used in WW2, also if anyone is curious the inspiration for this guy was hound from TF4


okay that explains it, they were out of place but now that i know they are grenades it make perfect sense.

does't he need another joint? or are they not hands but broken arms with pipes and wires hanging out of it
i do like it (:

Yes, I actually tried to make the lower arms with wrist articullation, but it just looked way too awkward

So aside from doing my bionicle WIPs I also like to do stuff in ldd so here is my latest creation

It is based on some aussie trucks that I have seen on the web.
If you want the model PM me


That unfinished Tahu looks awesome.

At last, Jedo is finally done aside from the weapons and yes I know blue pins, I already replaced them

And you know what kind of thought went by my head while doing this OVERKILL JUST PLAIN OVERKILL


I definitely see that, good job...

So after more than a month of posting nothing and being unable to moc I decided to change jedo again so, here it is

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He looks great! :smiley: