The ancestors of Chima.
Fabuland is a vintage Lego theme and maintain a large AFOL community.
This theme is also know to last 10 years; just like Bionicle G1.

Anyways, let’s discuss these oversize figures.


They’re basically just big boy’s Duplo. Dunno how it got 10 years to live but I assume it’s just because LEGO cherished it more than consumers.


I find them highly disturbing.


I find that people don’t have enough of an appreciation for Fabuland’s deep lore. In many ways it was a predecessor to BIONICLE. I found characters such as Blondi the Pig, Edward Elephant, and Lionel Johnson to be incredibly captivating. It even has a bit of scathing social commentary, like the Bulldogs who are clearly a satire on police brutality, similar to another LEGO theme. Though they somehow even make their villains deep, sympathetic characters.

It’s really a shame that the tv show only lasted 19 episodes, as there was a lot they had planned before cancellation. What is there though, I think is really worth watching. Don’t let the somewhat-disturbing character designs turn you away from this great watch.



I didn’t know it had a TV-Show! And it lasted ten years? I think I saw that on the LEGO Wiki, but I didn’t remember it until now. I can say that I think the figures are cute, even though you can’t really do much with them, and the sets are nothing too special, but like I said, they are cute, and remind me of one of my favorite childhood shows, Miffy the Bunny.

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I know I’ve heard that name before, but cannot remember what theme it is.

it’s a village of anthropomorphic animals living together.

like lego city, but for furries.

and with big, specialized parts.

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My cousin and I used to love playing with Fabuland.


Oh, I remember what these are now.

I wish that S.A.M Tram set was real.

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I actually really like Fabuland as a concept.

Special animal figures in a small town setting is a great entry point for little kids. Sets that come with tools as accessories. It all blends together well.

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There was a hilarious MOC at BrickFair Virginia that included Fabuland figures. It had sand-green minifig trophy pieces as army men and micro tanks and armor fighting Fabuland “mechs” in the wreckage of a huge building. It was quite a sight!


man i have a ton of those guys from my mums old collection

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Don’t forget this.

Look what I found…



There’s a whole group on flickr devoted to inappropriate fabuland mocs.


After seeing really violent fan fiction about LAZYTOWN of all things that doesn’t surprise me.


Who does this? Like why?