Facebook "math"

So I was browsing the social media as one does when I came upon a picture of the cast of The Big Bang Theory. In this picture there was a simplistic math puzzle, with the caption “Only for geniuses!”

Having seen a few to many of them, I immediately cranked out this parody. I have assigned this postmodernist masterpiece of satire the name “Facebook “math””.


what even

inb4 lock



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[hits stopwatch for topic lock]

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This is pure gold.

If it gets locked, it’s probably because the mods don’t get it…

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It’ll get locked, but oh well, it gave me a laugh

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I don’t see a rule anywhere that says parodying social media trends is not allowed.

This may be considered Spam though.

That would imply a complete lack of meaning or excessive repetition.

One is not even repetition.

I may be wrong on this one, but personally I don’t have an issue with it. I found it pretty amusing, the opening line and the caption for the picture of Einstein are probably the funniest parts.

What even inspired you to make it though? Haha

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