Faction: Cold Pie

So, I drew this thing, based off the Never-Ending Faction War.

@BeefJStag @Shadezy @Potay8o @SammySpartan @Nyran I'm so sorry. Especially for Nyran.


Oh my god

I'm so sorry. Cris evrytim

I like this because Pakuru's muscles

Plus I look like I have pajamas on
so much win

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Of course it's the cat.

It's always the cat.

Also, can't tell, but I think I have a mouth.

I've established before in previous arts that I lack one of those.


It's the nose thing.

Aight, it's fine then.

Yep. You're basically a Pakuru cosplayer with wrist guns.


I wanna cosplay Pakuru now stuck_out_tongue

I also love how Pakuru's the tallest out of them all when he's actually pretty short xD

I must draw more! I will draw something related to the squeaver faction.

Remember how I said I'd change the legs? Well, I did. Now he's waaaay taller. Expect updates soon, like tommorow, or something. Drawing that has got me pooped. Also, I'm lazy. Livin' the Kyoryu life.


You forgot to draw Omega Tahu D:

Technically, O.T. belongs to the TTV Faction. However, I may or may not be working on a Hype Train drawing.

Never Ending Faction War? Sounds interesting.

You haven't heard of it?

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I was kind of expecting a link...

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You're in for a wild ride of shipping, Power Rangers, and Hype... and War! And multiple Universes! And Lelouch's crazy antics... in Spess! Spess, spess, spess...

Anyways, dat Nyran Cat, tho.

This picture makes me want to join! XD

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I like it, I like it very much. ~Pyrox