Fafnir, the great Dragonslayer

This is a MOC I made a while back, as I first got into contact with Dark souls.
A Powerful knight and a good sorcerer, Fafnir slayed dozens of dragons, using ones skull as helmet and trophy and fusing their burning souls into a power source at the peak of his spear.

I would show more pictures of him, but I only took a few when I built him, quickly discovering that he may look cool but is ANYTHING but stable. So I scrapped him.

This was a failed try to better the legs :confused:

Hope you still like it


I really like the face and the waist, although I don’t see any thing wrong with the legs
What piece did you use for the head?

It’s a good MOC and all, but the Fafnir dragon wants his name back :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he rather wants his head back :stuck_out_tongue:

Touche :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s a normal G2 head with the dragon head on top of it
And there’s nothing wrong with the legs, but they can’t carry the MOC :frowning:

Color me seriously impressed.


Big ol heckin spoopy skull boi

This looks really awesome. Diggin’ the aesthetic.

Very nice. The dragon skull helmet and darker colors really complete the fantasy warrior look. I also like how you constructed the staff, using that ball ammo to emulate a power source.

very well shaped, a bit cluttered for my taste but still great

I really have no words for how awesome and great this MOC is. I don’t even have any nitpicks or anything. If anything, I don’t like the legs all too much and it is a bit cluttered, but the MOC is great regardless.

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I don’t like the waist design, but that head is amazing.

@squeaverking XD
@AdamusTheFirst thanks :blush:
@Stoax well, the. I reached my goal :slight_smile:

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I absolutely adore the weapon design, although I guess I’m a sucker for staves. Nice work!

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Spectacular MOC, can only slightly nitpick (maybe the arms could be a bit longer, but even so, it’s not a big deal.

Thank you :3