"Fairy Tail" Discussion Topic

I noticed there wasn't a topic for fairy tail yet so I decided to make one. Also, for anybody that doesn't know fairy tail is an anime. What are your thoughts on the series? I personally really like it.


I like it too.
Do you read the manga?

Nope. Can't afford it. It would be cool though wink

You can read it online.

dies and comes back to life ... Cool, I'll find it so no need to respond, thanks.

And here I am thinking this will be about the Brothers Grimm stuck_out_tongue

I've only seen a pool party filler episode, so basically I've seen the entire anime.

I'm on the second season currently, I've watched the entire first season at least twice.

This is one of the few Shonen series that I enjoy.

Oh my gosh! FAIRY TAIL!!! I love this anime!! Erza's my all-time favorite!

Yesssssssssssssssss. I love it a lot.
I like the way Cobra looks smiley I'm about to watch 100th episode. THE SUSPENSE...
My favorite characters must be Natsu, Grey, Lucy and Juvia (or however her name is spelt..)
What annoys me a bit is the established template by which most of the story arcs of the show go (for example: something evil is happening and the heroes must stop it; there is a team of evil doers, each very powerful and some with redeeming qualities; after the evil team is beaten a larger evil dude appears and defeats everyone; the evil dude unleashes some sort of a weapon/creature/artifact capable of causing a cataclysmic event; the heroes must defeat the evil dude in an established amount of time; each hero is struggling with an assigned task; Natsu gets beaten to a pulp, but suddenly unleashes his power and owns the evil dude; the aftermath; new story arc begins).
Also what annoys me is Gerard (again how is his name spelled ?). I must say that I enjoyed some parts of his story, but he is too much in everybody's face in almost every single story arc. I understand that he is important for some reason, but still...
All in all I enjoy the character development and hope that it retains it's good parts throughout the series.


Now that I think about it, you're absolutely right laughing.

Also, do you mean this guy?

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Yes. That dude. So his name is spelt Jellal lol. I watch Fairy Tail Russian dubbed so they pronounce his name as GERARD.

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Who's your Favorite Character, I like between Gajeel Or Gray...... That came out wrong, But Gray bcuz I don't get cold like him, And Gajeel bcuz even without his powers, He's still a metal man, or IRON MAN.... Fairy Tail 4 the win

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Uh, probably Mystogan.

Isn't that because of his powers? :stuck_out_tongue:

No if you watch the episodes where their in Edolas.... Wait Nvm

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I'm pretty sure he took the thing Mystogan gave him :wink:

On an unrelated note, I'm into the tartaros arc now. Pretty intense :grin:

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Must start... But it's long.

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My friend is urging me to watch this. Why should I?

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It's a pretty good show, if you can get over the fan service and the occasional bit of cheesy humor. I'd say watch it, if you find the premise interesting.