Fake connections

So I build by a strict code No modified pieces No fake connections No take apart formers (When I'm building transformers) It HAS TO HAVE AN ACURATE COLOUR SCHEME! And every thing has to end up where it's supposed to. But out of all of those rules the one I enforce the most is no fake connections. No matter how much it constricts my mocs I just can't do it. No lever joints No using minifig body parts No clip to clip connections! So is this opinion odd or do you feel the same way?

What do you even mean by "fake connections"? If it connects it connects...

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I won't even hold things on with elastic bands, others can if they wish, I have no problem with it, I just don't like "cheating" as is were.


I mean unofficial connections I just call them "fake"

My belief is that if two Lego pieces can connect to each other, it's acceptable.


I'm fifty fifty on this. I gladly use some of them, and others are just.....no.

I recently learned that putting the clip with a minifig rod onto a Mahri breathing tube is really handy but ruins the clip for anything else.


The name of this topic describes Huki and Maku's relationship.


I almost built an entire MOC the other day with only fake connections. It was necessary, though, because I was trying to use all of a group of pieces.

What piece(s?) are you talking about?

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The pieces the Barraki used to hold their squids while not in their launchers and the pieces the Mahri used as breathing tubes.

Soo exo- force evil robot hand and the elastic mahri tube? It was used in the sets!

Yeah, Ek... if that connection is breaking the clips, I don't know what you're doing wrong. XP

It didn't break them, just made anything else that went in them very loose.

That's what I mean by breaking them.


ha ha ha.. awe ;_;

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I don't necessarily have an issue with unofficial connections, but I would NEVER use elastic bands

Not even Lego ones?