Falcon & Winter Soldier

The most mixed bag out of all of the new upcoming Phase 4 movies and Disney+ shows has become official, so let’s talk about it.

I say mixed bag, but honestly I am pretty curious for this new show.
First and foremost, it will be the first original MCU show to come out on Disney+, debuting in august of 2020.
We will obviously get Falcon and Bucky back, and yes: Falcon will wear a Captain America suit. Anthony Mackie said this weekend on San Diego Comic Con that he already tested the suit. I expect him to be pretty comic-accurate, tho I would like to be some sort of blend between the comic version, the Captain America suit and the original Falcon costume from the comics. I might be asking for too much but hey, this is just me. We will also get Zemo back as the main villain which makes me extremely excited. The only Zemo I was exposed on was the one from Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and that Zemo was intimidating. The Zemo of the MCU was pretty OK, tho I feel that his inclusion in Civil War was a little too much, too forced. I am very happy that we will get to see more from an otherwise “bad MCU villain”. Oh, yeah. Sharon Carter is also back, which will make the whole situation very awkward, as she was clearly Steve’s new girlfriend. Both Falcon and Bucky were there at their first (and only) kiss. In my opinion, I either wish that she doesn’t become anybody’s girlfriend, or that she becomes Bucky’s. He didn’t got the shield, but he gets the girl.

Endgame was one of the biggest emotional rollecousters I’ve ever been trough and at the end when Cap passed the shield to Sam I was literally (I’m not kidding) out of tears. However, when that scene started I was all like “give it to Bucky, give it to Bucky, give it to Bucky, for CHRIST’S SAKE JUST GIVE IT TO BUCKY!!!”
And then Sam got it.
And then I didn’t know what to think.
Emotional rollercauster, everybody!
Yes, I still believe that Bucky should have got it, but I can go pass it. I really liked the interaction between the two in Civil War, and I am really looking forward for more of it.
There are other rumours that kinda set me aback when it comes of this show, but I am not going to talk them here.
Overall, pretty excited for this one, tho definitely not my top one on the Disney+ list. I think that the streaming service would still not be up for Romania at that point, but I am sure I can hack it from the Internet or at least wait till I can actually watch it.

I like this idea. It should be a fun movie, Cap’s two best buds in a teamup. I’m one of the few who preferred Sam to get the shield, mainly because I think Sam Wilson Captain America looks awesome with his wings and shield, and didn’t want to have to wait through an entire second Captain America to get there.

I would argue that, behind Thanos, Zemo is the greatest Avengers villain out there. He truly fit in the world he was put in, feeling that the Sokovia Accords didn’t do enough to punish the Avengers for what they failed to do. He had a motive, and a plan, and he did so much more to tear the Avengers apart than any threat they have ever faced, even including Thanos. He was just a guy. He had training, and he found his resources, and he managed to do so much, and I love that. I am very excited to see him return, and maybe even Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross, another character I really like, could make an appearance?


I think this show has a lot of potential. These are two characters who were brought together by Cap, and now they have to figure out what to do now that he is gone. This could lead pretty naturally into discussion over “who should’ve gotten the shield.” The writers could even build this into conflict between Sam and Bucky, as it sounds like something Zemo could use to divide them temporarily, like he did to Tony and Steve in Civil War. I’d love to see that conflict in the show. Regardless, I am excited to see the direction they take this show and all of the other upcoming Marvel series.


So after watching both Infinity War and Endgame, I am going through a crusade, trying to give my more up to date thoughts about every single announced item of Phase 4 and 5 so far.
OK, the thing that hypes me up the most for this show is Sebastian Stan. Yes, I am that bias.
Other than that, its a mix of “Oh, that’s cool!” and “Meh, fine”. At least in my books, Zemo was pretty forgettable in Civil War to the point I really can’t remember anything significant coming for him other than a few small scenes, like him reading some things in Russian from a red book, him trying to shot himself, things like this. I really wish that this movie would make him a little more memorable, at least for the ones like me. I want him to be more comic accurate, or at least more like his EMH self that, just like how I said in the topic, I find superior (I mean, almost everything from that show is superior to a good chunk of everything Marvel, but you get me).
The possible chemistry between Falcon and Bucky also hypes me a little for this show, but generally I don’t care that much for it. I liked Steve. I liked Tony and Thor much more than him, but I still liked him nonetheless. However, in these 3 phases I didn’t really made any real connection with Sam, and I like Bucky just because “he is that guy who is played by a Romanian”. Sharon Carter was in like… Two movies I think, with a total screen time of a little more than half of hour, and that’s it. The Russos couldn’t even turn her into a significant part of Steve’s life, seeing that they dropped her after CW.
Not to even mention that this show will be here at the beginning of 2020. Disney+ will hit Romania at the end of 2020. So by the time I can actually watch it, the first season will already be done, so it would be like watching a movie who’s and end I already know.
So… yeah. Not too excited for this one, but looking forward to it.

I’d argue that he was probably the most memorable villain excluding Loki and Thanos up to that point just for the story, but whatever


As I said: can’t remember much of him.

How many times have you seen the movie?

Uhm… Between two and four.

I suppose it depends how recently they are.

Anyways, I personally really liked Zemo, and I think he may be the part I’m most looking forward to from this show. He’s a genius.

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Personally, I think Bucky is qualified in almost every way - barring one thing. He had to be the Winter Soldier. He’s been through a lot, he’s had a lot of things flung his way because of it, and I personally think the last thing he needs is the responsibility of living up to the example set by one of the purest, most genuine heroes in the MCU.

But that’s just me :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m really hyped. Bucky and Falcon’s interactions have been hilarious and genuine thus far, so I think a mini series could be perfect. They’ll be like supersoldier buddy cops. Also, both of them have had amazing action scene potential (especially Bucky, I still freak out every time I watch his Winter Soldier and Civil War fights) so I think that they can do great things there.
As far as Falcon getting the shield, I’ve warmed up to it. He was loyal to Cap from the beginning to the bitter end. Remember, Captain America represents an ideal to the public. The public perception around Bucky is that he’s a cyborg terrorist that bombed the UN, fought superheroes in the street, and killed the leader of Wakanda. No one would accept him as the new Captain, and I don’t think he’d accept himself either. He has to be harboring a lot of guilt, and probably wishes to atone in a way that couldn’t tarnish Steve’s legacy.
Also, Falcon as Captain America kinda works because of the wings. Eagles are America’s symbol, and yeah, he’s a falcon, but the point gets across.