Family Vacations

While talking with my family the subject of the planed family vacation came up, and I was wondering does anybody have a cool or weird story about something that happened on a family vacation?

While I might not have had the greatest of funny stories, but I try to tell a story or two.
This one wont be very long but when my grandparents lived in Arizona I went to an Arizona Diamondbacks game with my grandfather, dad, and, uncle. I still have the baseball I received after the game.

My family once went to North Carolina to be at my older sister’s wedding. My mom spoke in a southern accent the next two weeks.


Oh gosh, whenever I went on long road trips, I always got sick, specially if we ate at a buffet, because a lot of times those places are the best to get sick from.

I’ve been food poisoned multiple times at buffets… Long story short I don’t go to them anymore.

I don’t remember any stories right now but I’m pleasantly remembering the sensation of standing up and stretching after hours of being crammed in the back seat of a car…


When I was little, I was in Toon Town (Disneyland) and Goofy punched my nose… :fearful:

I’m 45% sure it was an accident :wink:


Ugh. I never sit in the back,it always gives me a stomach ache.

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I always have to… :cry:
(But I never get car sick :+1:)

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i woulnd’t mind sitting in the back,but like i said,i always feel bad.

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So like
I went with my mother to london once, to go to legoland and visit other places

we were in a park (forgot which one)
we had a small picnic

I suddenly needed to let out air from my mouth
I thought it would be quiet

I was wrong

even the dog stopped and looked at us out of shock

I decided to just point at my mother as if it was her fault.



You. You guy, you…


I swear the ground shaked.


w0w dood

Rome is nice.

Are you just saying that to say that or have you been there?



Nope obviously not /s
farthest ive gone is from coast to coast (california, florida)

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Last Year when My paternal family went to Europe I slept over with my cousins and then the next day we took some bikes down the streets of the town they live in. (They live on the border of Germany and Austria and we took the train to meet up with my dad, stepmom, and grandparents. It was really cool

I’m going on vacation to America. lets hope I won’t get killed by radiation :wink:

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I’m actually going to be in Quebec (with my family) from August 1-6. I’m super excited for it!