If you cannot write anything for Lego anymore due to them needing to approve of it and not wanting to waste resources, could people write stories using the characters and get the thumbs up or down on them from you, make them a form of Canon, in the way the Extended Universe of Star Wars was before the Great Disney decanonization? I think it’d be interesting to see the more literary driven fans of Bionicle throw their hats in the ring and get some sort of approval from the big brain behind it all.


I am very reluctant to start approving new story, simply because fans usually have a fit when I do that.


Canonized fan-fics is one thing, letting fans continue serials will certainly create rifts in the community.


Yeah, my idea was to let fans create smaller stories within the universe, say like a story set during the Toa-Barakki war, following an individual. Nothing that would change the Canon, just flesh out the world already establish.

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