Fanart fanart Fanart!(Fanart of other users)

I like drawing other people on a whim



and finally @Cordak_the_Last_Makuta

my fanart could either be self MOCs or avatars, either way it's free game

also sorry if you look like you don't have alot of your leg, I'm just working to a certain point on pics


Where's mine!
These are really good, great job!

You could do me...

Do me.
btw I'm Hewks.

I'm totally not going to ask someone to do something for me in one of their topics again.

I'm going to wait patiently until they realise how beautiful I am, and that they want to draw me.

I'll just be waiting over here, ok? wink


Hey could you do me please? Thanks!

I told you elsewhere, I will say it again

awesome man

Much yes, many wow

thank ye

Glad to see you made these masterpieces public.

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raises hand

"Me next, me next!"

Amazing! I LOVE that style.

uh...mind drawing me?

Noice art m8
Ekorak especially looks great.

Draw Ghosty's self-MOC

Interesting... I can't help but request myself....

Maaaan, you got swamped with requests. I feel bad for you.

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thus is the life of someone doing community requested images, especially fanart of themselves


Soo, another Community thing?

(I love how I did an mind-game with my Community art topic, and basicaly I cant get another 6 to fill up, lol)

...I realy like how you did head on Stylised Ek!

..also suggestion, try adding simple shading (you know, cartoon style sading)

PS: What type of Digital drawing tool do you use? ("floating pen", pad or tablet?)

PS2 (I liked Medievil on that console): would ya mind drawing something of mine, for probable creation of drawing featuring one of you JMP's? wolf

....what digital drawing tool?

Well, those are definitly not drawn or paper

Ya know Wacom? They make Tablet ad pads for drawing digitaly

Knowing that you probably dont have any of thiese, you did those with mouse, and for that those would be Amazing

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I did draw these on paper. I scanned em

do it with most art I make now a days

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You have a very cool and interesting art style, especially when it comes to drawing BIONICLE characters.

If I may ask, could you draw me?

EDIT: I changed the reference picture since I now have a much better one.