Fandok the Warrior

Fandok was a Titan class military drone that obtained sentience, and rebelled against his creators, he begins his joinery to find out more about life, and why he was created, it’s going to be a dangerous joinery good thing that he has his massive blade, and doubles as a chain gun . hope you all enjoy,


looks really cool, I love how buff it is, the chaingun looks meh

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Very nice. I really like the shaping and use of parts. Love the weapon too.

I really like the eyes. Oh my god.

This is good, looks a lot like a samurai or something. The chain gun looks less like a chain gun and more like a blade with a thing on the end, I think that could be solved by giving it a wider handle/barrel.

I love the weapon too much.

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For some reason I really like the inclusion of the blue skull spiders; would’ve been cool to see more dark blue highlights. That being said, this is a nice MOC; very buff and mechanical.

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This reminds me of Gundam.

Looks good! Pictures could use some more lighting but other than that I can’t see anything that needs to be worked on.

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Totally not a Japanese mech. Anyway great job. I like the shoulders. I wonder how you did it?

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