Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Series)

I can’t wait to see it.


I’m sure you’re going to love it.


So I saw it. Really enjoyed it. Love the main cast. Love them more actually than the original series’. Also glad they didn’t insert a massive amount of references to the originals like the Hobbit did. Like they had a few, but not a lot.


I just saw the movie, I really need some tissues. I need help…

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I actually saw it the day of its wide release, but never got to writing a review for it because I was the last one who posted at the time. So here’s my little mini-review:

I really liked it, and it’s a great start to a new franchise. It isn’t perfect, and I didn’t expect it to be, but even so it did not disappoint. It’s really cool to see the Harry Potter franchise focus on adult characters rather than children, it’s a new perspective that I’m glad to see, and it helps avoid being too similar to the original movies. I liked the characters. Newt took some time for me to really “get” his character, which was one gripe I had, but as the movie went on it finally fixed that and I began to enjoy is character. Jacob was actually better than I thought he would be, he’s sort of a comical relief, but he doesn’t seem overly stupid or annoying, he’s quite likable and funny and remains relevant to the story. Tina wasn’t bad, but I felt she was kind of just there. That could change in later films, but for now she’s kinda meh for me. Really my only major complain about Fantastic Beasts, is that the first bit of it is slow and definitely has that “first movie in the franchise” feel to it, but it does ruin it. I’ll end my little review here so I don’t spoil too much but I highly recommend going and watching this movie.

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Wow–I made the topic, dressed up for the premier, and then totally forgot to say anything here. XD

I liked it well enough, but it didn’t pull me in the same way the first Harry Potter movie did. I feel a bit more distant from the characters. I did love Kowalski, though. And there were enough intriguing mysteries to whet my appetite for the sequels.

I think the biggest mistake from a story perspective was that the character you’re meant to really feel bad for and sympathize with–Creedence–didn’t get that much screentime and died (unless that little wispy thing meant he survived). In the original series, Harry himself is the emotional core of the story, due to his tragic life story prior to going to Hogwarts. Many of the most emotional moments come from learning more about his parents, or getting to briefly see them through magic. The new cast of characters didn’t have anything like that to make me care about them to the same degree. Or, if they did (I’ve already forgotten their backstories), the movie didn’t capitalize on it.


Seeing as how this thread is for the series…

I watched The Crimes of Grindelwald today. I was really hoping for it to match and/or beat the first one, but the film has some problems that prevent me

I liked the underlying main conflict created by Grindelwald. I find the ideological struggle and its implications fascinating. However, I think the film understates the main conflict, and instead focuses on many smaller plots. The film presents so much material, and yet, by the ending, it hasn’t added up to anything significant.

Therein lies the main problem–the movie feels to me like only half of a movie. It wastes a lot of run time and uses the remaining minutes to set up a third film. However, the movie has a second problem, too. The plot lines it chooses to set up do not feel particularly interesting either. Somehow it undersells the significance of very significant revelations.

Overall, I’m disappointed, because The Crimes of Grindelwald had lots of potential, but it chose to delay the potential until the next installment.

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I haven’t seen it yet…from the reception it’s getting, I may wait for the dvd. Really a shame that I’d end up doing that for a Harry Potter movie, but here we are. =/

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Might go see it today or tomorrow, I’ve heard good things from a couple friends who have seen it. Both didn’t think the story itself was too good either (as the post before yours), but it seems the characters have held up, at the least.

EDIT: Went and watched it, I liked it. ~6 ish, I think my problem lays mostly in the cinematography and special effects applied to things such as the city.

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Hmm, that’s about how much I liked the first one lol. Full disclosure, part of the reason I may wait on it is that I don’t think anyone I know wants to see it. But if that changes, maybe I’ll go after all.

A few of my friends went to see it. I asked one, and he said it was okay but the story was meh.

I haven’t talked to the other friend since before thanksgiving break and the movie came out, so I’ll ask at school.

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I watched the second, I was very confused. Probably should have watched the first one beforehand