Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Series)

So, this movie is coming out in about a week. We don’t know a whole lot about it yet, but is anyone else excited?


I’m fairly hyped for it. I want to see how good it is, though, first, but I’ll probably see it.


I might see it, but probably will wait until it comes out on DVD, unless my family wants to see it.


I saw a trailer for it last night at the cinema, and it was good trailer.

It introduced the basic premise and your main characters, while providing some brief glimpses of action and visuals, and hinting at deeper conflict.

I wanna go see it now…


I want to know why disapperating causes a lens flare now.


I’m excited! I do wonder how they will handle this since we’re all so used to the cast of tween and teen characters and the basic formula of the Harry Potter movies, this idea sounds cool, but a part of me is a bit worried of what they could get wrong. But I have a good feeling about how it will turn out.

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Hyyyyype. Momma and me might go see it opening day, as per tradition.

Also, (spoilerish) Johnny Depp Grindlewald, yo.

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If there’s one thing I can say with absolute certainty about FBaWtFT (/bestacronym) it’s that the movie is going to be ten times better than Cursed Child.

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J.J. Abrams’ tendrils extend far. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’ll be really good if he takes the part seriously. If he plays it as Evil Jack Sparrow, ehhhhhh.

Anything that doesn’t have Bellatrix X Voldemort is automatically 10 times better than CC. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to see it with my friends because they really wanna see it

I know absolutely nothing about it besides that it’s linked to harry potter

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Oh crap, I forgot.

I might be able to see it.

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I am just annoyed that there is another film in this universe. Why does Rowling have to squeeze everything out of it ?

Just my opinion… maybe I am to hard but… I don’t feel good about the descision they made with this movie.

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Currently hyped for the movie, hoping it’s better than Cursed Child.

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Well, look at it this way. We never would’ve gotten a Star Wars expended universe/more movies, or more Star Trek series, or tons of other things if people thought like that. The Harry Potter “universe” is big enough to support lots more stories, and I think it deserves a chance to expand in the way other popular franchises have. Plus, it’s not a blatant cash-in like Cursed Child–it’s set in a completely different era with only two characters we know much of anything about (and those two seem to be on the sidelines for now). It’s a very risky way to go.


It love that the universe is expanded through websites like pottermore and so… I just do not think they should have made a movie.

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i am hyped

like i’ve said elsewhere, the HP universe has nearly unlimited potential, something that is rarely touched upon in the books. this movie seems to be tapping into that potential, and i love it.

i’m also happy that Rowling is directly involved in this movie.


I don’t know really. I love the HP books but I wasn’t really a fan of the movies.

but I’m probably going to see it.


This movie looks great so I might go see it at an expensive movie theater.
Might. Probably won’t.

I’m so glad I have this and Rogue One to look forward, especially after I watched Doctor Strange. Totally making up for this summer’s failures.

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I just saw the movie, and it’s AWESOME!
I highly recommend watching it. I was totally hooked from beginning to end, and all the protagonists are incredibly likable, Newt Scamander being my favorite, since I think I have a lot in common with that character. The no-mag guy, Kowalski, was great as the “comic relief”, and wasn’t annoying at all. All the animals were incredibly imaginative, and felt real.

I’m not going to go into detail about the movie to avoid spoilers and such, but just go watch it, it’s great.

(by the way, from what I’ve understood during my time on the boards, you English people like to use acronyms, for example star wars becoming SW. So how are you guys going to call this, FBAWTFT??? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)