Far Cry 5

Seems like an odd choice.

I dunno if it really fits with remote islands, war torn Africa, and uprising against a dictator…

Hmmm… You’re being hunted down by a crazy cult in a rural area, is this Outlast 2?
(also with the place being called “Hope County”, i keep thinking of the town from Hitman: Absolution)

Those trailers were very unsettling . The setting looks unique and interesting, but I really want to see more triple a old west games

I don’t know, could be interesting but Montana doesn’t struck me as a particularly interesting setting.

It doesnt seem that different to Kyrat, atleast with the mountains and all, the culture is another story, tho I’ll say its an odd choice thats for sure

New picture, guessing it’s the box art, it looks really good

I remember seeing on reddit that it’d be neat if the guy who is in Judas’ position is also the one who betrays the other antagonists and joins your side. That’d be some nice foreshadowing