Farrum's Most Wanted - Drawings by PN99

Hello everyone on the Boards!

A new year means new beginnings, and what more of an exciting new beginning is there than the start of a new D&D campaign?

If you’re familiar with my work, you might know I do a lot of art based on the Dungeons and Dragons campaign I play with my friends. Well, after three long and arduous years of inter-party angst, bad decisions, and inside memes (along with some genuinely amazing moments for nearly every character) that first campaign has come to an end.

Notice I said “first”.

That’s right, ladies and not-ladies, I’m coming back at you hard in 2019 with endless art of NEW CHARACTERS! Yaaay!
######Hold for applause.

Well, I’m in the process of arting into existence everyone’s new personas, so I’ll be updating this topic as new ones get completed. If you’re still here long enough to want to see them. Till then, I’ll give a quick summary of everyone who has yet to be added.

And, in proper self-gratifying fashion, I’ll start with my new character:

Damian Drost, the wayward Cleric.
When he was a young man, Damian left his convent to explore the world and practice his healing arts as a healer-for-hire, tagging along on many an adventure. After nearly a decade of this, he grew tired of his work and was ready to quit, but on one final job he saw something he shouldn’t have…
Now down on his luck and on the run, Damian is more hermit than healer, and his attentions are most often put on a bottle of wine.

Mildri Fjordfaller, the frozen farm Barb.
Growing up on a farm in the far North with a large number of siblings to watch over, Mildri isn’t a fast learner, but a hard worker. She came by boat to Farrum in search of her missing brother with little else than some gold, her trusty war hammer, and her loyal wolf pup Fenjolf. She wears a bear totem around her neck, unaware of a greater destiny that awaits her.

Hua Ming, the woe-some Wizard.
A young member of the Wu-Shi Coven of the East, Ming was raised under discrimination and tyranny from her government. When her home was attacked by the enemies of the Coven, her mother helped her escape to Farrum in search of the Arcanic Order, the Coven’s allies in the West. Unsure of her family’s fate and distrusting of others, Ming would rather be by herself, but yet she has become wrapped up in the affairs of others as she is hunted down by the tyrannical Volusian Empire.

Ruden Ebner, the conflicted Paladin.
Bound by his oath in service to the Emperor God King, Malfurious, Ruden does what he can to enforce the law of the land, taking in unlicensed magic users and heretics. Despite his affiliations, Ruden possesses a kind heart, having grown up in an orphanage and relating to the outcast as he hides his Aasimar nature from his superiors. Wielding his whip and buckler, Ruden has found himself in quite the conflicting position, as two of his new-found acquaintances are on the run from the Empire.

Istan Ruggery, the rambunctious Rogue.
Born to a well-off family in the Volusian Empire, Istan grew up having nearly everything he wanted. However, it wasn’t enough, and he and his siblings often took to pulling cons on the streets for some extra coin. When one such con went wrong, Istan was arrested, though promptly released thanks to his family. The experience changed him, though, and as a young man he now wanders the alleys of imperial cities lightening the coin pouches of most anyone who crosses his path. Lately, he’s made a friend in Damian, who has become a reluctant partner to many a clever scam.

If you read any of this, here’s a cookie: :cookie:

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Nice! I currently just got off of part of a Dnd session, and we’re upgrading our characters.

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That sounds awesome! What class do you play?

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Half-orc Paladin.
Paladins are really fun…

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