Fast Food

I was hungry.
I said, “Put Logo Here” On the french fries so as to not offend anybody, and so as to not get in trouble for using copyrighted logos. Also, anybody who can’t read english can now know what it says.



Amazing, now you made me hungry too!

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How are they supposed to know what this is then?

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Because their computers will translate the text, but not the image.

I think that drawing food will make you even more hungry. Anyways, neat drawings.

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The sandwich isn’t anything particularly incredible, especially since it appears to be the lining of a zipper inside a hot dog bun. But why are the fries boxed in at the top? I’ve never seen any restaurant box their fries in at the top to prevent them from running away… Unless this is supposed to be the backing of the box, in which case, it’s not horrible? just really confusing.

Overall, it’s not bad, but it does need some work.


This is McDonald’s to me

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