Fate of the Rahi

Teran’s log, ¥/~~/££

Today is a sad day: the last Kikanalo has died. The Kikanalo are not the first creatures to go extinct. It seems many Rahi required the peculiar at atmosphere of the MU to survive. With the MU in ruins, these Rahi are dying at an alarming rate. The Kikanalo survived longer than others, but despite the best efforts of I and other scientists, the thunderous stampedes of the Kikanalo are no more.
To be continued.


oooh, this sounds interesting

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Teran’s log:

At long last, the Kraawa has been found. I wish I could say this is a joyous occasion, but it seems the Kraawa is dying too.
I want to appear like I don’t care, that it’s a good thing such a destructive Rahi is finally gone, but the truth is I won’t let even this hated creature die. No other scientist will help me, but I will fight to save this thing until it’s dying breath.


This is such a cool plot idea.

Teran’s log:

I was able to place the Kraawa in stasis using the same technology employed in the Onu-Metru Archives, but even this seems to only be delaying the inevitable.
It’s times like these I almost wish the Makuta were still alive. If I could meet the Makuta who made the Kraawa, if I could ask for help… But who’s to say the Makuta wouldn’t reject this Rahi as well? Is there, perhaps, a reason there was only ever one Kraawa?
Maybe the Great Beings could help. I’ve heard Toa Tahu sent a team looking for them, but who knows how long that may take? No, I need to stop wishing the impossible. I’m going to have to do this myself.


Teran’s log:
I finally have an assistant, a young Ko-matoran named Hipik. With him watching the Kraawa, I can go on an extended supply trip. I want to write more, but time is short.


I am writing this entry with a heavy heart. Hipik was paid to do it. I don’t know how much, but someone paid him to earn my trust and kill the Kraawa. Hipik fled before I could ascertain who hired him, but if I ever learn who it was…
I actually probably wouldn’t do anything to them. I couldn’t bring myself to. But I’d kill him or her in my mind.
Anyway, the news isn’t all bad! The Kraawa survived. Of course it did, that thing is notoriously hard to kill. But if I don’t succeed here, the air will do what no Matoran ever could.


Teran’s log:
The Kraawa’s escapist nature may just have saved it.
It seemed on the verge of dying today. Apparently, it thought I was hurting it, and tried to get away from me. As it was rampaging through my lab, it encountered something that seems to have slowed the atmosphere’s killing process.
There is a cure. Now if only I can figure out what it is.