Favorite 2008 Makuta

I recently got all the 2008 medium sized Makuta and Toa, and when having them assembled in front of me I find that my favorite Makuta has changed since i originally got them back in the day. Used to think Antroz was clearly the best, but now I’m leaning more towards Krika. So it got me thinking, which one is the most appreciated among the community? Let’s find out, shall we?

  • Antroz
  • Vamprah
  • Chirox
  • Krika
  • Gorast
  • Bitil

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Oh yay, another poll… There are way too many of these things happening…

BTW, I chose Bitil because his mask power is crazy cool


where’s spiriah?

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What about Icarax?

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Yeah, it tends to turn out that way. We will probably see one for every set lineage soon. So buckle up, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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Krika, all the way.

Why not just make one topic with a bunch of polls then?

Decided to only include the Toa-sized sets, if I would include Mutran, Icarax, Spiriah and any other the list would be waaay to long.

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Despite his lack of knees or elbows, I enjoy Krika for how much you are actually able to do with him; so many intimidating poses. His general silhouette is also pretty unique compared to many villains prior and really gives him an imposing presence.

Character wise, he also had great potential, as it was interesting to see a Makuta with actual dignity. He seemed like he was willing to do good but was weighed down by his inherit ‘evil’ (which sounded a bit ridiculous to me). It was a concept that would’ve loved to have seen explored more- if only he weren’t killed off in an instant.

Kojol is another character I would’ve personally liked to have seen explored more from what we’ve learned of him. His signifigance in engineering the virus Teridax used to crash Mata Nui’s systems and leading the raid for the Avohkii itself made for a character with some interesting background. But we never got to learn anything about his character and personality other than: his assigned region is Artakha… he’s secretive… he creates air and sea Rahi.


Would probably be a very nice solution. I’m not gonna spend an hour putting that together though, I’ll leave that to someone with more free time than me.

Vamprah because of the three Phantoka Makuta canister sets, he could be best posed to look like a really creepy bat.

Oh look, Krika is winning surprise surprise :stuck_out_tongue:

Clarified pool title- ???

> Antroz 5%
> Vamprah 4%
> 1 vote each

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For me Vamprah and Krika are pretty close, but if we’re just talking set wise I’m going to have to give Vamprah the win. He just has a more interesting build and better articulation.

Krika is by far the best of the bunch character-wise. One of Bionicle’s few sympathetic villains.


It was hard to decide, but Antroz is my favorite.
My other favorites are Chirox, Krika and Gorast, but Antroz is my most favorite.
Set wise, Krika is my favorite.

I never expected Vamprah to be up so high.

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Vamprah isn’t at the top.




where’s mutran?


Where is icarax?

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