Favorite Bionicle Character?

Who’s your favorite Bionicle character? Personally, I like Vakama and Matoro, although Teridax is up there too.


Jaller and Tahu. Gotta love dem fire Toa.

Then again maybe I’m a bit biased since I’m the voice actor for both in Biocraft lol.


I’ll give you my top three good guys and the reasons for them being my favorites (In another post I’ll tell you my top three baddies):

  1. Matoro - Matoro was always the most relatable character to me, what with not always being the most powerful or intimidating Toa on the team. He was an underdog. He didn’t have all the confidence he could muster, but the Ignika chose him anyways. Plus, saving the entire known universe from death by sacrificing your own life is a pretty good way to go.

  2. Pohatu - I really like this guy. He would be my favorite Bionicle character if not for Matoro being relatable. Pohatu has this sort of “it’s always okay to joke around with me” vibe, and I like those kinds of people. Plus his dynamic with Kopaka is one of my favorite duos of anything ever.

  3. Nuparu - Nuparu was… I don’t know how to describe it in more than a few words. He reminded me of myself when I first saw him in the Bohrok Online Animations. I guess it was because he was using his surroundings to create something that would give him an edge, which I’ve always thought is the best way to win at something. Plus, “I know a way out. It involves explosions. Lots of explosions.” is just a great quote.


Nuparu and Onua. the two toa of earth were pretty good.




Ka. Ka is definitely the best character in all of Bionicle


Rocka. He’s just so shiny and annoying its funny. :stuck_out_tongue:


But seriously, I would go with Matau, then Jaller, and third is a tie between ackar and takanuva.
Reasoning: Matau was a cool guy who joked around a little much, kinda relatable to my friends and me sometimes. Plus good sets and colors.
Jaller… I just thought of him as a good leader, sacrificing himself for takua, trying to take the lead of the Inika, even when they were under water in mahri nui. He would be first, but I didn’t care for the Inika mask he had. All of them had weird masks.
Now, it’s a takanuva and ackar tie cause this: Ackar was a neat guy in legend reborn, being a veteran of the arena, trying to control kina and fresh. Takanuva I like cause of his development during the shadow leech time, trying to control his power and all that.

Weapons - Inika Nuparu (so tactical and awesome)
Wealth - Toa Lewa (guy got to use Axalara :smiley: )
Cute - Hahli (when she wasnt ugly)
Wisdom - Ackar ( would love to spend a day with him )
Looks - Brutaka ( hes so fabulous)
Personality- Pohatu
Overall look ,weaponry and personality- Matoro (inika)



In all serious I don’t think I truly have a favorite character, there are a lot of sets I could probably list as my favorites, but none of them have personalities attached to them that overall would make me say they’re my favorite character.

I do like ShadowHuntr’s response about Ackar though, I really do like the presentation of him in TLR, and I’d say maybe that’s close to a favorite character for me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nuparu, cause namesake and such :P. I also always liked Tahu, Takanuva, Vakama, and Matoro the most, probably cause they got most of the spotlight and character development over the series.


The Shadowed One

Everyone gives Makuta props for being “the big bad” and “cunning and manipulative”, but he has nothing up TSO. TSO ran an organization filled with both the worst and the most dangerous the universe had to offer, and he kept all of them in check. Guy has a freaking assassin on standby to kill him if he ever shows a bit of mercy to motivate him never to get attached. That’s dedication, and that’s thinking ahead.

Makuta is basically Walter White to TSO’s Gus Fring.


I really liked Matoro, but Teridax was also a very intimidating character. For a while, I thought Mata Nui was going to be a really cool character, but for some reason when we finally saw him in the 4th movie it didn’t feel like he was worth the wait. I liked him more when he was a giant pair of eyes.


Yeah. Great Spirit apparently means boring hero character with no flaws that make him interesting.

My favorites are:

Axonn(duh:P): I’m not sure why, I just think he is awesome. :slight_smile:

Mata Nui: (for the sake of TL;DR, just go to the “what made BIONICLE so great” thread if you want to know why)

Zaktan: (same as above^)

And I have recently been taking a liking to Matoro, for the same reasons stated by Toavuhii.

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yeah, after seeing your description of Mata Nui, i did see that I misunderstood his character.

Zaktan only just stays as the main favourite because he’s always been interesting in my opinion. We know so much about him, yet we don’t. Plus, I always find him unintentionally funny, especially when characters argue back at him, the other piraka are a good example. He just gets so livid XD

After reading the 06 books I also really like Jaller or Jala (I don’t know which name is correct), His leadership of the matoran that join him to save the Nuva and friendship with Takanuva is really nice. In the movie he just seemed to whine a lot. After Mnog and the books I was surprised at how tough he is, others had the same affect but it was his I was most surprised at.


My favorite 3 Bionicle characters of Bionicle

3. Matoro. You know, cus Matoro.

2. Zaktan. Same reasons as Viper.

1. Makuta Vamprah. He’s actually PKMN Trainer Red wearing an Avsa.

0. Omega Tahu. He lost his mask for our sins.


My favourite bionicle Characters

1 Vezon - he’s Vezon, toa of anarchy, enough said.

2 Vezon - he’s Vezon, keeper of the Inikga, enough said

3 Vezon - he’s Vezon, a babbling idoit who is the very defenition of insane

p.s. did I mention Vezon’s the best?


Vezon is pretty awesome.