Favorite bionicle locations

Hi, Today I want to ask you guys What are your favorite Bionicle Locations. I want to say that I did not find any topic Like this and i don’t want to have this closed. So, My favorite bionicle locations are Metru Nui, and i like Karda Nui. What is yours?


My favourite location…hmm? Can’t decide but Metru Nui would be quite high up there with Mahri nui and Mata nui


Metru Nui has a cool vibe to it and it’s a shame we never got a game in the vein of MNOG outside the fangame “Metru Nui Online Game”. I would have loved to explore the inner machinations of how life worked in Metru Nui in its heyday (outside of the promo books and comics). I also wish we got mask packs for the Metru Matoran masks. The chrome shading on them is beautiful and it’s a shame only 7 of them were made outside of misprints (and counting Turaga Dume’s mask)


Mahri Nui, the Pit, Karda Nui… All look like pretty sweet places and have cool atmospheres to them!



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The big metal sphere that blows up planets. I also like Makuhero city


Hands down Voya Nui.

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In a way I have things I love about all the locations we’ve seen in Bionicle.

If I had to pick one, I’d go with Metru-Nui. It was really cool to see how the natural elements were sort of industrialized to fit the city theme, and while we didn’t get to see too much of how it really worked, it was still a really awesome and fitting environment.

@Antroz2007, it’d be cool if there was a poll to see what the most liked location is. Just for fun!



My favourite locations are:
Voya Nui, Metru Nui and Mata Nui.

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Nothing could quite reach the same mysterious and mythical atmosphere as Mata Nui (thanks to MNOG and the commercials), so i’ll have to go with that as my favourite. Mahri Nui is a VERY close second though.


Metru Nui (I wound up with the guidebook) and Mahri Nui.

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I think you know about my previous Topic About bionicle locations.
But this guy
Said that it will be good to have a poll for it.
So here is it! we will see what location is the most liken!

  • Mata nui
  • Metru Nui
  • Voya Nui
  • Karda Nui
  • Mahri Nui
  • Okoto
  • Bara Magna
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Do you mean like_d_?

I think Mata Nui is probably the most like because I always hear people talk about how the first three years were the Golden Age of BIONICLE.

Hey, sweet! A cool little experiment!

It’s not letting me vote, but I’d say either Karda Nui or Bara Magna. Call me a heretic, I know. I got into Bionicle kind of late in the game, so I have the fondest memories of those. They’re all awesome, though.


It would appear the transfer broke the poll…

I don’t think anyone would call you a heretic for that! :laughing:

Karda Nui was extremely unique, and Bara Magna had the most potential of any Bionicle location in my opinion. It’s like a planet-sized Mata-Nui almost.

I think the only problem with them was they were both tragically unexplored, which is a shame because they both had the potential to be just as iconic as Mata-Nui or Metru-Nui.


Exactly! To quote a certain game character, “So much potential!”

I really like Onu Koro.