Favorite "Creative Part" of the Bionicle Community? (Poll)

This is something of an odd question, but what is your favorite creative content produced by the Bionicle community? This can be MOCs, artwork, videos, etc. I’ve never seen many people talk about this, so I figures it’d be interesting to ask!

  • MOCs

  • Artwork

  • Stop Motion/Other Videos

  • Games

  • Comics

  • Literature

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This is just something I wanted to do for fun.


I see most people voted “MoCs”.

Surprise XD.
Cool poll though.

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MoCs, primarily because they’re what’s unique to Bionicle. How many other fan bases can actually build their own characters?


I would say
“Literally everything” but I chose Artwork.
Mocs are probably tied, though.

Personally I perfer artwork. But I guess that Is because I like dynamic backgrounds and lighting that are easier to draw than shoot.

mocs, although artwork is a close seccond

Why can’t I vote for everything?

There are some really great Artists in the community. I wish there were more good Comics out there but there just aren’t.

Am surprised stop motion got no love… Who doesn’t love a good movie?

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Because it is hard to make.