Favorite Fonts

I use Gisha. Novecento is cool as well, and there's this one font which's name I don't recall.

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I have a Matoran font. You are all beneath me.

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I think we all downloaded that font.

well my favorite font is raleway


Who are you ? Brick Heck?


I can't decide to be honest. Shadows into Light is one of the fonts I prefer to use on Google Docs, though.

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Trajan and Times New Roman.
Looks nice.

And this one cause I like standard and easy to read.


Cherry Cream Soda!

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Century School Book. Hands down.

I am a fan of Times New Roman and Telex

Nowadays, I still use Calibri as the default, but use Times New Roman or similar old-world fonts for band stuff. I’ve also been getting some usage out of Book Antiqua (AKA the font used in early episodes of VeggieTales - yes, that’s the main reason I use it).

Good a reason as any.

Personally, I like the fancy look of Pacifico.